Associated Companies

  1. Nishat Mills Limited.
  2. D. G. Khan Cement Company Limited
  3. Nishat Power Limited.
  4. Nishat Paper Products Co. Limited.
  5. Nishat Hotels and Properties Limited.
  6. Nishat (Gulberg) Hotels and Properties Limited.
  7. Nishat (Riawind) Hotels and Properties Limited.
  8. Nishat (Aziz Avenue) Hotels and Properties Limited.
  9. Pakistan Aviators & Aviation (Pvt) Limited.
  10. Pakgen Power Limited.
  11. Nishat Developers (Private) Limited
  12. Security General Insurance Company Limited.
  13. Nishat Hospitality (Pvt) Limited.
  14. Nishat Dairy (Pvt) Limited.
  15. Nishat Automobiles (Pvt) Limited.
  16. Nishat Agricultural Farming (Pvt) Limited.
  17. Nishat Real Estates Development Company (Private) Limited.
  18. Nishat Farm Supplies (Pvt) Limited.
  19. Nishat Sppinning (Pvt) Ltd
  20. Engen (Private) Limited.
  21. Educational System private Limited.
  22. City Educational Services (Pvt) Ltd
  23. City Agro (Pvt) Ltd
  24. City Schools Private Limited
  25. Nishat Commodities (Pvt) Ltd
  26. Nishat Energy Ltd (due to 25% of shareholding)
  27. City APIIT Private Limited
  28. Premier Realities (Pvt) Ltd
  29. Remington Realties (Pvt) Ltd
  30. Smart Education System (Pvt) Ltd
  31. The Smart Schools (Private) Limited
  32. Gul Ahmed Bio Films Limited
  33. Gul Ahmed CBMC Glass Company Limited
  34. Metro Property Network (Pvt) Ltd
  35. Fauji Cement Company Limited
  36. Nishat Chunian Limited
  37. Nishat Chunian Power Limited