EMS Policy


This Environmental Policy is Lal Pir.s management declaration of commitment to continual improvement of its Environmental Management System (EMS), which includes waste minimization, the prevention of pollution and compliance with corporate, state, and local environmental legislation and regulation.


We aim to achieve the policy by;

  • Develop and apply systems of environmental management, as part of day-to-day operational practice and ongoing management reporting and control procedures
  • Apply more stringent criteria than those required by law when we believe this to be appropriate
  • Use standards of environmental impact assessment which are robust, scientifically sound and generally acceptable within the present state of knowledge, at the same time attempting to develop superior methods and to improve on current practice
  • Encourage our service providers to develop environmentally superior processes and ingredients and cooperate with other members of the supply chain to improve overall environmental performance
  • Work with industry bodies, government agencies, business partners and other concerned organizations, to promote environmental care, increase knowledge and disseminate best practice
  • Remain alert and responsive to developing issues, knowledge and public concerns.
  • Make decision on additional expenditure (beyond those needed to meet requirements) based on evaluation of the local, regional and global environment by giving due consideration to contract boundaries.
  • Environment is a broadly defined as;

“The external surroundings or conditions with in which people live, including ecological, economic, social and all other factors that determine quality of life and standard of living”