Milestones in environmental protection


Many of our everyday activities in business life cause indirect emissions of greenhouse gases. Despite conscious efforts to reduce indirect emissions of this nature, it is not possible to prevent them completely. However, Lalpir makes efforts to find a balance by investing in projects related to promoting renewable energy or energy efficiency.

  • Lalpir has planted 1170 acres so far to off- set CO2 emissions.  This community development program envisages.
  • Encouraging green economic to reduce pollution and trigger a process of sustainable development.
  • Making marginal land cultivable to arrest loss of farmland to non -agricultural use in Pakistan.
  • Clean drinking water and sewerage system was constructed for a local village to keep the environment clean.
  • Design products to minimize waste (Reuse of scrap)
  • Check to make sure that materials are not over-specified.
  • Segregate waste for recycling to reduce waste disposal cost
  • Maintain plant and equipment efficiently
  • Avoid over heating of buildings (1 degree reduction in room temperatures can reduce fuel bills by 10%)
  • Only use lights when necessary
  • Lalpir has a very well planted community for its staff with proper incinerator and sewerage water handling plant.
  • Monthly emergency response drills to create more awareness in handling emergency situations.
  • Monthly safety & emergency response meetings.
  • Monthly environment meetings
  • Carbon Offset projects initiative taken with UNFCCC for CDM
  • Renewable Energy Resources at  site
  • Encouraging the Environment Near Misses within plant people
  • Environmental Days & HSE Weeks Celebrations